Intelligent Management System

User-friendly and easy to use

Tec Touch Panel ™

The touch panel is equipped with easy-to-read color pictograms with clocks that, among other things, graphically show the values of airflow, windshield position, and information, alarm, or possible error messages with an indication of what they refer to.

Panel Classic Tec Turn&Touch ™

Equipped with a membrane keypad with dedicated function keys, it provides a solid element for managing the operation of the laminar chamber. The Turn&Touch knob precisely and intuitively navigates the menu of available functions. Chamber status values such as flow rates, temperatures and others, among others, are displayed and easy to read from both sitting and standing positions.

Additional panel

Advanced line laminar chambers have as standard a second handy panel with a membrane keyboard. It allows control of the most frequently used functions chamber from an easily accessible level located in the armrest.

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