Classic Autoprotect 180GR
Classic Autoprotect 180GR
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Biotectum GR 1.8 AutoProtect


  • Working width approx. 1800 mm
  • GR – Version with the interior of the working area made of sheet steel, painted in electrostatic paint technology with antibacterial and chemical resistant properties in seamless design with rounded sides which minimizes the number of Risk of contamination (IGP-DURA® Carecoating). Worktop made of stainless steel type 0h18 DIN 1.4301 coated with IGP-DURA®

IGP-DURA®Care is an innovative product from IGP Pulvertechnik AG with a wide anti-MICROBIIC effect. IGP-DURA®Care coatings provide durable and effective protection against microbiologically contaminated surfaces with powder paints.

Effective combating of microbial development is carried out through three mechanisms of action:

  • Blockade of cellular metabolism
  • Suspension of cell respiration
  • Stopping cell division

 Reliability and security for years

In the project of the new generation of laminar chambers, special emphasis was placed on improving safety and comfort of work and the maximum reduction of energy demand. Thanks to the use of three electronically switched motors and precise control, the environmentally friendly product (low energy consumption) and the user (low noise and heat emission) were obtained.

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Safety through constant control

Thanks to integrated airflow sensors that measure continuously the air velocity both in the barrier and the laminar flows inside the working area, deviations from the laminar chamber's specified operating parameters are immediately detected and automatically compensated.

  • Blocking of air inlets in the barrier
  • Gradual clogging of the filter
  • Changes in air temperature

Visual and acoustic alarms. The signalling of alarm states in the form of changing the color of the pictograms on the control Panel or LED lighting on the front cover of the device allows rapid intervention by the user. Alarm message descriptions are displayed on the graphical LCD display.

  • Fans operate at maximum efficiency
  • Too low air velocity of the barrier
  • The speed of laminar flows outside the range of standard EN 12469:2002
  • UV Lamp Running Time Exceeded
  • Filter Time Exceeded
  • Operating time exceeded without service review
  • Window outside working position
  • Chamber Temperature exceeded – option – requires chamber retrofitting in temperature sensor
  • Interrupted sterilisation process
  • Inactive Chamber Mode Safe
  • Supply voltage loss has been detected

Auto-Diagnostics system provides quick verification of possible damage which dramatically accelerates the repair process.

  • Damage to the air flow sensors distinguishing between which sensor is damaged, whether or not monitoring the airflow velocity in the barrier or the laminar flows in the working chamber
  • Failure of functional elements related to the front window
  • Built-in security to prevent the UV lamp from being attached during operation of the chamber with raised front window
  • Deactivation of the buttons on the control panel at the raised front cover of the device

Safety thanks to the clever design

The materials used and the technical solutions used provide excellent hygiene and occupational safety.

  • Three high-quality electronically switched EC Motors guarantee very good laminar distribution and low current consumption and noise emission
  • Front windshield and positioned at an angle relative to the worktop
  • The chamber design allows for the unabstention of the two-sided cleaning of the main window closing the work area
  • Front cover Cylinders
  • Primary filter and exhaust outlet minimum H14 class with an effectiveness of 99.995% for particles ≥ 0.3 μm
  • Additional Exhaust filter – optional
  • Filter under bench-option
  • V – Shaped air curtain inlet – reduces the risk of curtain locking through the arms and eliminates the need for additional armrests
  • Unique design based on the aluminium-steel skeleton ensures high stiffness of the structure which directly affects the working conditions
  • Smooth edges of the slots on the Worktens
  • Interior work area made entirely of steel coated with IGP-DURA® Care in seamless design with rounded sides, minimizing the number of surfaces presenting risk of contamination
  • Worktop made of stainless steel type 0h18 DIN 1.4301 coated with IGP-DURA® Care
  • Armrest for forearm on the entire length of the work area made entirely of steel coated with IGP-DURA®Care
  • The sides of the working chamber are made of tempered/glued glass panes
  • Solid stainless steel Laminarizer – hygienic chamber
  • Light source white fluorescent or LED, (800 ÷ 1700) LX depending on version
  • Lighting elements located outside the Working Chamber area
  • Brightness Control – optional
  • UV lamp permanently installed, additional UV lamp – option
  • All porous surfaces resulting from the process of production of polished
  • The media connections located on the top of the chamber, allowing the chamber to be attached to walls and other laboratory equipment
  • Housing sheet steel painted RAL 7047 or 9003
  • Stylistic elements Orange RAL 2000 other color-option

Intelligent control

Control Panel with graphical LCD display with dedicated function keys – lighting, navigating the front window, programming basic and advanced UV lamps, fan operation function exhaust to 100% of power, function on/ Turn off the fans. The Turn & Touch selection dial makes it easy to navigate through the menu of available functions, such as Program selection, UV lamp programming, filter work counters preview, UV lamp, language change and more. Possibility to choose messages in Polish, English and German.

  • Dedicated, specially designed microprocessor-controlled control system
  • Number of built-in programs 3 + BT-Clean Cleaning program
  • The average velocity of the airflow directed to the interior to protect the working person ≥ 0.4 m/s
  • Average airflow oriented towards the bottom to protect the product (0.25 ÷ 0.50) m/s
  • Air velocity sensors for fan control (auto-compensating the air velocity in the chamber and at the outlet relative to changing operating conditions e.g. as a result of gradual clogging of filters)
  • Efficient SUSPEND mode maintains the laminar chamber in continuous standby, while reducing power consumption and volume levels


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  • Worktop full, not split, removable, for biotectum 1.8 divided 6-segment segmented
  • Stylistic elements Orange RAL 2000
  • Permanently mounted UV lamp located at the top of the working area from the front side of the
  • Device controller equipped with a program to perform the decontamination of the Chamber
  • Three electrical outlets in the work area including the two on the left and one on the right side of the Chamber
  • Port allowing the HEPA filter DOP test to be carried out
  • MODBUS RTU Communication Protocol Enabling cooperation with BMS (Building Management System)
  • RS-485 communication port, which allows several chambers to be in one bus to centrally gather information about their work and alarms
  • USB Connector for software update
  • Real Time Clock
  • Ability to adjust the display contrast
  • Frame for chamber with closed sections, height 750 mm, for worktop 785 mm
  • Valve for flammable gases toff
  • Valve to connect toff vacuum
  • Temperature sensor in the working chamber with the indication of overtemperature inside the chamber
  • Adjusting the illuminance of the work area
  • "AutoProtect" Program – Set
  • The connection to the UPS emergency power supply and the "AutoProtect" program allows you to continue working with the Chamber and gives you the necessary time to properly secure the test material. The "AutoProtect" Program includes the UPS module model SMT 1000i APC Smart-ups 1000VA LCD 230v.

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