BioTectum Classic NEO chamber

The BioTectum Classic NEO line of laminar chambers is represented by a model with a working width of ≈ 950mm. The units in this series, unlike the Classic line, are equipped with two electronically commutated motors, have a higher working space height, and have an interior made of stainless steel and tempered glass, which gives the products exceptional elegance while maintaining all the required safety features for use. 


CE declaration of conformity

Working comfort

Extremely low noise level

Certifcate TÜV Rheinland

Compliance with standard EN 12469/2002

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Technologies used


    Automatic digital compensation of air velocity in the chamber and at the outlet depending on changing operating conditions.


    System self-diagnostics.


    Remote diagnostics of chamber settings.


    A mode that keeps the chamber in continuous operation while reducing energy consumption.


    Setting of evaporation time, fan operation, standstill time, number of repetitions and neutralisation time and ventilation. An H2O2 evaporator is required to carry out the process.


    Classic control panel with membrane keypad and selection knob.

Key features

Electrically moveable front window 

Electrically movable front window, positioned at an angle to the worktop with edge position monitoring and automatic stopping function at the optimum height above the worktop in the working position. 

Electric fans 

Two high-quality electronically commutated V-shaped fans (Zephyro System ®) guaranteeing ideal laminar distribution as well as low current consumption and low noise emissions. Two temperature-compensated airflow sensors, one for laminar flow and one for protective curtain measurement.  

Integrated connections 

Flammable gas, inert gas and power supply connections are located at the top of the chamber, so there are no cables protruding outside the chamber. Biotectum chambers can be moved closer to furniture or walls.  

LED information strip 

LED light strip for visual information on the operating status of the unit.  

AISI 316L stainless steel and toughened glass 

The interior of the work area is made of AISI 316L stainless steel and tempered glass, which gives it a unique character while maintaining all the required safety and sterility of the work area.  

Colour options 

Personalisation of the colour of stylistic elements. RAL 2002 Vermilion standard. 

V shaped air inlet 

V shaped air inlet on the air curtain which eliminates the requirement for additional armrests.V shaped air inlet on the air curtain which eliminates the requirement for additional armrests. 

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High-quality connections 

Internal utility installations with valves from the Italian company TOFF, 230 V sockets without Berker screw elements.  

Intuitive control 

The CLASSIC panel with its dedicated function keys and membrane keypad provides a robust element for managing the operation of the laminar chamber. The TURN&TOUCH knob enables precise and intuitive navigation through the menu of available functions. The numerical values of the flows are displayed and easy to read from both a sitting and standing position.  

Stainless steel worktop 

AISI 316L solid stainless steel worktop.  

Stainless steel bowl 

AISI 304 stainless steel bowl with optional electrostatic bacteriostatic coating.  

Emergency power supply 

Autoprotect – the connection of the chamber to the UPS emergency power supply and the corresponding software enables further operation of the chamber and gives the necessary time to properly protect the test material. In a fraction of a second, it cuts off the power supply to electrical sockets and electro-valves while maintaining the correct safe operating conditions of the chamber.  

Diagnostic connector 

Diagnostic connector for connection of an optional module for remote verification of chamber operating parameters by an authorised service centre or manufacturer via GSM or wifi.  

Easy glass cleaning 

The construction of the chambers is designed to allow easy cleaning of the front glass enclosing the working area on both sides. 

Dimensions of BioTectum Classic NEO laminar chamber

Biotectum ClassicNeo PL

Basic specifications

Construction typeDIN 12980 EN 12469:2002


Sound pressure level37 – 54 [dB] [1]
Mechanical vibrationEN ISO 5349 ≤ 0,005 mm
Light intensity800 do 1700 [lux] [1]

Electrical data

Power supply 

230 [V] 1/N/PE AC 50 [Hz] 

Protection of electrical sockets 

10 [A] 

Electrical power consumption 

ca.  ≈ 89 [W] [1] 

Electrical power consumption SUSPEND mode 

ca.  ≈ 20 [W] [1] 

[1] Depending on the mode and model 

Specification of materials used

Number of engines 

Two electronically commutated fans ebm papst 

Main and exhaust filter class 

At least HEPA H14 with 99.995 [%] efficiency for particles ≥ 0.3 [μm] 

Work area material 

AISI 316L stainless steel and tempered glass 

Top and inlet material 

Worktop and V-shaped air intake made of AISI 316L stainless steel 

Case material 

Powder-coated sheet steel RAL 7047 

Front window material 

Tempered safety glass impermeable to UV radiation 

Style elements color 

Vermilion RAL 2002, other colors (OPTION) 

Additional information

The device is supplied with: 

    • rack on wheels, which is made of closed profiles with a height of 835 mm, up to a working surface of 855 mm, and is equipped with screw brackets designed to immobilize the chamber in its place of use, 
    • solid worktops made of acid resistant stainless steel AISI 316L 

Equipment elements


Colour versions