Bactericidal Flow LampsAlchem 7599 sm 1

Robustly made and innovative in terms of the way of programming flow UV lamps in two versions of design. UV 50 with 2 x TUV 30 W and UV 100 with 2 x TUV 55 W.

The built-in controller with a programmer is designed to control the UV lamp - to turn it on and off according to the set program.

The programmer allows you to set any two time intervals when the lamp should be switched on during the day. (e.g. lamp on 04:00 - 06:00 and 16:00 - 18:00)

The user chooses to have the lamp run the program in prog 1-5 days (weekdays) or prog 1-7 days daily.

The controller counts the working time of the UV lamp and when it exceeds the time when its efficiency decreases it signals this fact to replace the UV lamp with a new one. The message "elapsed working time of the UV radiator" appears and when it appears an acoustic signal of 2 seconds is generated. The beep is repeated every 30 minutes.